Our Community

We are committed to cultivating a dance community that aligns with the values of openness, inclusion, connection and fun.

The pressures of our society’s fast-paced lifestyle can leave us feeling stressed and without time to spend with others. We aim to offer a welcoming space for people to take a break from the daily grind, come together, and share in the delights of dancing.

Through dance people can relax and rejuvenate, while deepening their connection with ourselves and others. The FDFest and other community events offer the opportunity to develop new skills, build confidence, and feel inspired and invigorated. People can then leverage those positive benefits of dance and spread them into the rest of their daily lives and relationships. In this way, we truly believe that dance has the ability to make the world a better place! 

Guiding Principles of the Flying Dance Community

Welcoming & Diversity

“Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” – Alvin Ailey
Dance is a universal language we can all speak. No matter where we are from in the world, what our life experiences have been, or which languages we speak, dancing provides a way for us to all connect and relate to each other. Dance fosters engagement, collaboration, growth, and appreciation of others. Dance has the power to break down barriers, and build unity.
Everyone is welcome, acknowledged and included at the FDFest and in the FD Community. We invite and embrace all people of all ages, - LGBTQ+ persons, abilities, nationalities, and religions... We are dedicated to creating an open, supportive environment where everyone feels safe, accepted and comfortable to express and enjoy themselves.

Accountability - We Are All Dance Ambassadors

We invite active participation in community building. We believe that everyone plays a role in developing a shared, inclusive dance community. Each one of us can contribute in some way to establishing a safe and supportive space for others to learn, explore and have a good time. It is our hope that all Flying Dance Festival and Community attendees will act as dance ambassadors by treating others with respect, offering a warm welcome or smile, and sharing their passion for dance.

We Are a Stress Free Zone

“Forget your troubles and dance” -Bob Marley We hope that when you come to dance with us, you will leave your stresses and worries at the door, and remain open to all the possibilities that await you on the dance floor. Dance is the best medicine for whatever ails the soul. It is a wonderful means of relaxation where you can forget about life’s difficulties for a moment, and just let loose. Dancing has been proven to be a great stress reliever, and it supports good physical and mental well-being. We encourage you to soak up the nourishing, healing and freeing benefits of dancing… de-stress, make some friends, and unwind!

Cultural Respect

FDFest celebrates music and dances from from around the world. We acknowledge that while we respectfully provide a safe space to enjoy the many forms of dancing , we are not proprietary over it or its origins of this music or dances. We believe in cultural respect at FDFest and expect FDFest participants to remain aware of any actions, behaviour, dress, costume, or dialogue that perpetuates systemic cultural oppression and negative, stereotypical appropriation. Thank you

It takes a village…

Dance has been a part of human experience and relationship since as far back as recorded history can trace. Our ancestors communicated with body movement before using spoken language. Dance transcends time and social status. It is a thread that is woven into the fabric of being human, that spreads across all cultures throughout the world. Dance is used for expression and communication of all sorts- storytelling, bonding, celebration, and spiritual reasons. It is recreational, a moving art form, and entertainment. It is both deeply personal and strengthens bonds among people, healing each and everyone of us. In all cases, dance brings people together, and promotes connectivity. This is the foundation of the Flying Dance Festival, and the wider FD community. We value and appreciate the unique contributions of every dancer who is a part of our village. “While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.”- Hans Bos

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