What is FDFest?

The Flying Dance Festival (FDFest) is a collection of summer dance events organized by volunteers from Guelph and the surrounding areas.  What started out as a group of friends getting together to practice some Salsa dance moves in the outdoors 14 years ago has now grown into a festival that brings joy and healing to many people from all walks of life. 

We kick off this year with our ever-popular and growing Moonlight Dancing events, running through the summer on Tuesday and Thursday evening in June, July, and August (12 weeks in total).  On the August long weekend (this year, Aug. 1st & 2nd 2020), we host 2 full days of dance workshops, performances and social dancing at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area.  A bonus for those who love the outdoors ~ CAMPING. 

This year, we are excited to host our 1st annual dance competition.  The styles featured will be Salsa and Cha Cha dancing ~ amateurs to professionals.  

Join us this and every summer as we connect with nature, and with each other through dance.  The many stories share with our old and new friends, with our families, bring us together, creating a dance community that is very welcoming.

  1. Fun, entertaining time with your family and friends ~ in the outdoors.  
  2. Dance heals, and brings joy to many in so many ways. What better way to serve as you bring a smile to someones’ day
  3. Dancing can be intimidating to many of us.  Trust me, we have all been there.  FDFest is a welcoming comforting place where everyone can try out dancing for the 1st time, and at a minimal cost
  4. Fostering connections within our communities. Connections with you ~ dance communities in and off campuses ~ neighbourhood groups ~ cultural organizations ~
  5. For dance instructors, choreographers and schools, this venue gives them an opportunity to share their passion, their art with a wider audience
  6. Comment from one of our community members, “We plant the love of life with everyone we dance with, everyone we connect with”

  • We primarily play audible recorded music from cd’s or digital players.  Our local Dj’s keep us dancing all night long
  • During our FDFest Guelph Lake event, we have a drum circle on Saturday and Sunday afternoon

Salsa – Cuba
Bachata & Merengue – Dominica Republic
Cha Cha – Cuba
Kizomba – Angola
Rumba – US
West Coast Swing – US
Waltz – Austria
Argentine Tango – Argentina

  • Acknowledge everyone you meet, new and old friends
  • Seek out new friends on the sidelines and make an effort to include them, ask them if they have any questions, ask them for a dance 
  • Smile, make eye contact with everyone and engage those around you in conversation, laughter
  • Always be respectful to everyone, no matter their background.  Seek to learn to learn from each other
  • Become active in your care. If you notice someone having a difficult time, looks vulnerable or witness an interaction that seems ‘off’, PLEASE CHECK IN! We are a family ~ so let’s look out for one another.  
  • Be present with your interactions with those around you.  Create joyful moments that liven each of us every day as we go out into the outside world
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