What to Expect

Music, dance, and workshops will begin on Saturday at noon and will continue until Sunday at 11:00pm (official close for the festival). A warm up lead by volunteers to start off the dance activities (Sat & Sun morning).  For those camping out with us on Sunday night, the music (not-so-loud) and dancing will continue until Monday.  

  • Two days and two nights overflowing with Social Dancing, Music, Workshops, Performances, Yoga, Camping, Family Fun (swimming, hiking), Inspiring Connections, New Ideas, and more!
  • An enthusiastic and welcoming community that inspires each other, supports one another, encouraging, and a sweaty, connected, ridiculously fun dancing all through the festival!
  • FDFest runs from Saturday afternoon through Sunday night. Expect and prepare to be camping in the park from Saturday to Monday. 
  • Alway be prepared for weather
  • Plenty of onsite amenities like first aid, showers, drinkable water, composting toilets, and more. 
  • Bring clothing and accessories that make you feel good on and off the dancefloor. 

Personal Responsibility 
Come prepared to take responsibility for your own experience and for your impact to those around you, and nature

Do your best to renounce your arrogance and allow the power of humility to permeate. 

Please don’t take yourself too seriously
Be present and have fun together, be open to each other and dance your heart out.

Seek out FDFest’s attendees on the sidelines and make an effort to include them

Become active in your care
If you see someone who’s having a difficult time, looks vulnerable, or witness an interaction that seems ‘off’, check in! We’re family; let’s look out for one another.

Please generate as little waste as possible by avoiding single use items. Adopt a leave-no-trace ethic; pack-it-in & pack-it-out. 

Stay Hydrated
Bring your own reusable containers for water and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the weekend. Take steps to give yourself the care you need.

Please no untrained pets 

FDFest 2024 Artists
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