FDFest 2022 Goldie Mill

FDFest 2022: Sunday, June 12th, 2022

It’s been 3 years since we hosted our last FDFest event at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area.  In 2022, we moved to a new location closer to our studio, Goldie Mill Park, downtown Guelph (less driving, more accessible and a walking distance to the Guelph Central station).  We are excited about our new dance spot, and we hope to see you all soon!

FDFest is a one-of-a-kind festival that runs for 3 months every summer in Guelph.  We kick off this summer of dance with a full afternoon of dance workshops, a live Salsa band, and lots of social dancing. When: Sunday, June 12th, 2022.  We continue dancing through the summer every Tuesday and Thursday evening, in June, July & August

This year, we are excited to host a live Salsa band, Son De La Guayra (SDLG). We miss you all and we can wait to see and dance with you all.  Please spread the word, and see you on the dance floor!
1:00 pm – opening
2:00 pm – dance workshop 1 | New Line Dance to Afro Beats music
3:00 pm – dance workshop 2 | Bachata dancing
4:00 pm – dance workshop 3 | Casino Rueda
5:00 pm – Salsa band, Son De La Guayra (SDLG) | with social dancing
7:00 pm – Social dancing to Bachata, Kizomba & Salsa
9:00 pm – Close

Please read through each page of the Festival Guide to understand unique details regarding Camping & Parking, What to Bring, and What to Expect.  Also read through FAQ section, if your question is not answered+, please send us an email and we will get back to you.

  • A padded out-door dance floor
    – The portable dance floor will be set up in the Mill, under the open sky and next to the stage (ladies, you can use your heels).  
    Since we are outdoors, we suggest flat comfortable shoes for dancing, as well as walking around the park
  • Kids Cafe
    We will host fun games and dances for kids ages 6 – 15 yrs
  • 14 different dance / movement workshops
    Over the 2 day weekend, try out the many different dance styles taught from around the world.  
  • Drum circle 
    Hosted on Sunday afternoon to kickoff the event   
  • Lots to explore in beautiful downtown Guelph
    Extensive walking, nature trails by the river and rail track.
    Take a break from dancing, and explore the downtown Guelph (less than 5 minutes walk). 

Goldie Mill Park at the northeast corner of Cardigan and Norwich streets and on the west bank of the Speed River in the city of Guelph. This three-storey limestone building, now a ruin, was constructed in 1866 (read more).

– One hour west from Toronto
– One hour East from London, Ontario
– 45 minutes north from Hamilton

Name: Goldie Mill  (other names): Wellington Mills / People’s Mills
Address: 70 Norwich Street
Cardigan Street 
Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1H 8E2
GPS Coordinates:  43°33’00.7 N    80°15’12.4 W

  • Water
    There is a running clean water tap next to the pavilion, so please bring your own water vessel
  •  First Aid / Medical
    The team is available to assist with any first aid/medical situations that might arise. More details to follow……
  •  Coverage
    Downtown Guelph has very good cell phone coverage, though we do encourage you to try and unplug from your daily lives. Connect with nature, meet new and old friends, and enjoy the outdoors.  
  •  Info Booth / Lost & Found
    Volunteers from our community will be there to help you navigate the festival, provide you information about the workshops and instructors teaching them. You will also find the Lost & Found at the Info Booth

Thank you for choosing to join us for FDFest 2022, at the Goldie Mill. We are 100% sure that we will have a tremendous amount of fun listening to some great live latin music, hanging out, and dancing together. 

FDFest 2022 is a free event, opened to everyone who loves Latin Music and dancing.  We hope this will be a great way to kick off the summer after a long break away.  We all need to connect with each other again.  

As many of you know, all our FDFest events for the last 10 plus year have been primarily supported by the many volunteers who attend the Flying Dance Community’s events, dance artist from the area, from Hamilton, London, Toronto, and sponsorships from local businesses. 

Little by little, we have grown into a solid dance community that loves to share the healing arts of dance with everyone around us. We now are a bigger, stronger, dance family (that survived covid in thanks to it’s members)

To help manage our growing costs, we will be fundraising through various avenues.  We hope you can help by either donation, or sharing our events.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  My cell:  519.830.0016.  I, and we all look forward to seeing you over the long August weekend.

Nico & the FDFest/FDComm Team


FDFest Growing Expenses

  • Park rentals (Royal City Park and Guelph Lake
  • Portable washrooms
  • Equipment rental
  • Insurance
  • And most important, artists fees

Nahko And Medicine For The People

“As storytellers, we turn the experience into something shared. We are taking to that great road again to bring our medicine to you. Naming this tour the ‘Take Your Power Back Tour’ felt entirely appropriate given the state of the planet and all Her creatures great and small. Women of wonder and potent poetry will join us on that fall road. Ayla Nereo brings her big medicine to half of this tour and Nattali Rize brings her big power to the other half. We can already feel the high vibe container, a congregation cultivating a safe space for transmission and reconciliation. Tears and laughter. Movement and medicine. Arrive at our gathering this fall with whatever shape your heart is in. Full, broken, in pieces, strong, hopeful, hurting, overflowing, all of it. We’ll help best we can. It’s us. Together. We’ll see you there, familia.” – Nahko