Please read through the appropriate section of frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered below, we’d love to hear from you, cheers.

  • Where does the event take place?
    Guelph Lake is 100 Km west of Toronto, on the north eastern end of the city of Guelph, Ontario.  The city of Guelph is perfectly centrally located in southern Ontario (between 45 minutes to 1.5 hour drive to most of the cities in Southern Ontario ~ Toronto, London, Hamilton, Collingwood).
  • When can we arrive? When do we have to leave?

    The festival opens round 2:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, and closes at 9:00 pm the same day.

  • Will you post a downloadable event schedule?
    Yes, you can download it right here: (Coming soon) 

  • Do you offer work-trade or scholarships?
    Yes we do, through our program called DEEP.  Please send us a message and we can discuss what are requirements are needed to apply (FDComm Contact Form).

  • What types of vendors will be on hand?

    We will only have food vendors in this years festival.  

  • Will there be loud music late at night?
    Yes, from 2:00 pm, Saturday June 17th to 9:00 pm when the festival closes. 

  • Can I smoke at FDFest?
    Yes, but please be mindful of those around you when choosing to smoke. We ask that you not smoke on the dance floor or in other crowded areas. Our site is frequently under fire restrictions, so please dispose of your ash and cigarette butts responsibly. We suggest using a small metal tin or another container to do so!

  • Is there anything else I should know?
    FDFest is a one-of-a-kind dance festival that brings together dance and the outdoors.  The connections we seek in nature and in one another start off every year in June. 

    The FDComm has been hosting dance events on unique venues in Guelph, and the surrounding communities (Hamilton, Goderich, Elora).  We would like to thank our amazing dance community for showing up every summer to dance since 2004. See you soon on the dance floor!
  • Will we have to schlep our gear far to our campsites?
  • The distance from the campsites to the venue is less than a 5 minute drive
  • Will there be enough camping for everyone?
    Absolutely yes.  FDFest has full access to Guelph Lake Island, so we have a lot of room for camping and parking.
    What should I bring?
    Please check out our What To Bring section on the website for a helpful packing list!
  • What amenities will you be providing at the campgrounds?
    There will be water faucets, First Aid staff, composting toilets, handwashing stations, and more. There will also be pay-per-use showers for everyone’s use offered by the Guelph lake conservation area.   
  • What emergency services will be available on site?
    First Aid certified volunteers will be on hand throughout the festival, and will be on hand ready to render any assistance
  • Is there anything that we cannot bring onto the site?
    – Do not bring glass, weapons, or items to vend (unless you are a registered vendor)
    – Untrained dogs
  • Will there be quiet camping?
  • Will there be ice available for sale?
    Not this year.  Next year definitely!
  • Can I camp by or in my vehicle in the parking lot?
  • Yes, no problem.  Please let know if you choose to do that.
  • Can I bring my motorcycle to FDFest?
    Yes. Several of our students ride motorcycles
  • What is the FDFest venue like?
    FDFest takes place at one of the beautiful grand river parks in Southern Ontario.
    The area offers exciting and unique camping and hiking options; water activities for those who love being in the water; 2 dance areas, one under a very large pavilion, and the other being a dance tent 40 by 40 foot tent
  • Will there be an information booth?
    Yes, this will be located  volunteer area
  • Where can I find the Lost & Found?
    The Lost & Found will be managed at our volunteer the area. Please visit this booth to search for your missing items. 
  • Will there be first aid on site?
    Yes, there will be scheduled volunteers to assist you throughout the weekend.
  • How much is water?
    Clean drinking water is free. There will be water refill stations for you to refill your own containers. Please bring your own reusable water bottles.
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