Camping & Parking

FDFest offers opportunities for many kinds of camping, from camping in your vehicle, camping next to your vehicle, walk-in camping and carpool camping.  We have two group camping areas, West Camp (quiet area) and East Camp (not-so-quiet area).  We encourage the creation of group camps where one living/kitchen area is shared among several participants, get to know each other, create community!

Car Camping

At FDFest, car camping is considered camping in, or right next  to, your vehicle.  There is one parking area as you come just before you get into the dance area for those who will not be staying overnight with us.  Please make sure your vehicles are secure at all times

Guelph Lake Island Map for FDFest

Map coming soon!

If you are NOT driving to the event, you DO NOT NEED to purchase a parking pass.  There are, of course, a multitude of ways for you to arrange transportation to the festival.  If you plan to carpool, please try to ride with someone who will be camping in the same area as you are.  This will help assure that your camping gear is as close to your camp as possible.

CARPOOL: Car pooling connections can be found on our facebook page

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