Latin Thursdays

DANCING DATES: 7:00pm  to 10:00pm (Pls mark your calendars & spread the word....)

ATTENTION: All in-person FDFest events for 2020 are on hold to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please visit our SALSA VIDEO DANCE COMPETITION FUN

Every week, we will teach beginner lessons in Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha and Casino Rueda in the gazebo along the Speed River. The evening starts with the lessons then followed by social dancing until 10pm.  

The lessons are offered by Guelph Social Dance, FDComm and Guest instructors.

Please help us support the FDFest by donating a minimum of $5.00, or pay what you can (because of the challenges due to Covid 19, donations fees have increased).  Thank you for your support!        Rain or shine, we DANCE! 

Please visit us of Facebook for the latest updates.  We are hopefully we will get to dance together soon, keep safe.

Rain or Shine, we DANCE!

Thursdays     June     – Bachata dancing   w/
                            June     – Cha Cha Dancing    w/
                            June     – Casino Rueda dancing  w/

Thursdays     July   – Salsa dancing  w/
                          July  – Bachata dancing   w/
                            July  – Cha Cha dancing   w/
                            July  – Casino Rueda dancing  w/
                            July   – Salsa dancing  w/

Thursdays    August  – Bachata dancing   w/
                            August  – Cha Cha dancing   w/
                            August   – Casino Rueda dancing   w/
                            August   – Salsa dancing    w/